4 Rowing Breathing Tips To Improve Exercise [Actionable]


Rowing Machine Excercise Like every other sport, requires that you are able to maintain good and regular breathing to avoid passing out. If you are new to rowing and you are having challenges with breathing while rowing, you are not alone. When I started to row also, I found out that it was difficult for me to breathe, and I sometimes felt dizzy. But I was lucky not to ever pass out. With time, however, I was able to get used to breathing properly while rowing and this were some the techniques that I applied.

Why breathing is important while rowing?

Row Excercise

Oxygen is one of the fuels that  the body needs to operate. Just like you don’t want to run out of fuel while driving your car, it would be bad if you run out of fuel while exercising.

Your life could also go off as with a car that goes off when it runs out of fuel.  Luckily, your car can come back to life if it is refueled. But,  you do not have such luxury.

When we breathe in, we supply oxygen into our blood and when we breathe out, we take out the used oxygen. It is crucial to supply oxygen to your system and exhale used oxygen as you exercise.  This must happen all through the period of your life including when you are rowing.


I stopped worrying while I conducted Rowing Machine Excercise

It was a bit difficult, but I had to deal with my fears.  In most cases, our own worst enemy is our fears.  You have probably been told that you will find it difficult breathing when rowing, and I got scared.

Fear is, therefore, a major problem a lot of people have to confront.

I had to convince myself that if I don’t run out of breath while carrying out my daily activities, then I should also not run out of breath while rowing.  This was the first step I had to take, in my efforts at maintaining my breathing while I was rowing.

Warming up

The next step I had to take was to start to warm up more regularly. During my free times, I tried to engage in some other exercises such as jogging. I tried to carry out these exercises for prolonged periods while trying to be aware of my breathing pattern. Through this effort, I was able to build some level of endurance.

Furthermore, it helped to make it easier for me to move my body and enhance my mechanics. It also helped me to become conscious of my breathing.

Learned how to breathe in a rhythm while you exercise with a rowing machine

After developing a consciousness of my breathing, I learned to breathe in a rhythm while I was rowing. I had to be careful not to breathe too fast or too slow. I also learned to inhale with the intensity at which I was rowing. With these techniques, I was able to maintain my breathing while rowing.

You do not have to gasp for breathing or start wondering what happened in the world within the past 10 minutes you left it temporarily while rowing. All you have to do is ensure that you are able to breathe normally and rhythmically while rowing and breathing will be the least of your concerns when rowing.

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