What are the benefits of using a rower?

rowing-benefitsIf you have been thinking about buying a rowing machine, then you most likely already know about some of the benefits. These pieces of equipment are powerful and have been around for years, and it is a creation that has been known to outlast any type of fad or trend when it comes to workouts.

These rowers have been spoke about and constantly improved upon as the years advanced to make it one of the greatest choices when it comes to being able to target specific areas of the body, and a great selection for having a complete workout. If you have ever watched Olympic Rowers on your TV, you will notice that they are very fit and have great bodies. Part of the reason is because they train with a high quality rowing machine.

Keep Reading to see some of the best reasons to use Rowing Machines.

Low Risk of Injury/Low Impact

One of the best benefits happens to be relevant for anyone whether they have issues with their joints or not. There are some exercises that can actually damage your cartilage and bones, or it can cause a strain. When you use a rowing machine, it will not put any strain or stress on your body, but it will give you one of the greatest workouts that is available. It is especially relevant for elderly people who are very serious about keeping in shape without having any risks of joint damage.

The only real issue that you may have when rowing is a back strain, however as long as you maintain a good form you shouldn’t have any problems. Maintaining a good shape and posture  will help to ensure that your legs are doing the work instead of your back. If you want more details on the proper form be sure to read our “ How to Use A Rowing Machine” page.

Aerobic Workout that is Powerful

Aerobic exercises are the key to having overall fitness and health as well as calorie burning, but it can also prevent lung and heart issues. Each time that you complete a stroke, you will be breathing along with it at a steady pace. Your heart, respiratory system and muscles will all be in sync with each other, which will help to get the most out of your efforts.

Some of the more expensive models may come with equipment that will monitor your heart rate, and it is simply connected to the LCD performance monitor. This can be quite useful because it will help to see just how much you are testing your body and you will be able to work up to your target heart rate and back to normal again.

Perfect for Weight Loss and Burning Calories

Your body is in perfect synchronization and is working hard, this will cause you to burn calories. This is because of the extra movement from the legs as well as the arms, and as a result you will be able to find that you have burned more calories using a rowing machine than you would with an exercise bike. You are actually burning from 500-600 calories in one hour depending on how intense your workout is. At that particular rate, it is not very hard to notice just how much weight you can drop when you use a rowing machine.

Toning the Muscles in the Upper Body

When it comes to your upper body muscles, the ones that you will be able to feel and notice a major difference right away happens to be the ones that are in your shoulders and back. You will also begin to notice improvements in your abs as well as your biceps, but not as much as your back and shoulders. These won’t be able to build muscle the same way as weight lifting would, but it will certainly tone those areas which will help to make them more noticeable.

Toning the Muscles in your Lower Body

This is definitely where you will see the most impact, and that is the real reason that rowing machines are a very popular choice for most athletes. You will actually feel the power as you push off with your legs, engaging all the muscles located in your backside, all the way through your quads, and even your calves. After noticing all these amazing benefits, you may be wanting to go ahead and get started with a rowing machine. Be sure to check out the reviews before you make that very important purchase.

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