Stop rowing the wrong way! 4 most common rowing machine mistakes

Perhaps, the only thing that can be worse than developing wrong habits while rowing is not rowing at all. But there are instances, where not rowing at all could be better. As your wrong rowing habits could be doing you more harm than good. The only way you can achieve strength and explosive cardio while rowing is only when you row the right way. Here are 4 most common rowing machine mistakes people do and how to avoid them.


Not warming up


rowing machine mistakes


It is important that you warm up before you start your rowing workouts. This is especially so when you have been sitting or sleeping all day, as well as if you have a job that entails carrying out little to no activity. This makes your muscles cold and you will have to warm them up, before you start rowing, if you want to get the best out of your rowing. You can avoid this mistake by carrying out any of these activities before you start rowing:

10 swings of the arm

10 hip extensions

5 lunges

5-10 pushups

50 jumping rope

10 front kicks

10 shoulder rotations

You do not need a lot of time or energy for these exercises. But they are important as they will get you to start rowing in no time.


Not rowing the right way


rowing machine mistakes


Just like you don’t wear your office clothes before you start to bath, it is also vital that you follow the right order when you are rowing. You could harm yourself if you start to use your body or your arms before you should. The right order for rowing is to, first of all, engage your major muscles while working out before you engage the smaller muscles. You should also ensure that your legs carry the majority of the work, while your arms and core should only be involved in a minimal way. One of the ways to know if you are rowing the correct manner is if you are able to maintain your feet on the footrests, without having to strap it.


Improper sitting


Some people have a bad sitting habit while rowing, which is often counter-productive. The right sitting habit is to make sure that you sit straight, implying that your hips and your torso must be in line. Using only your torso to row could aid you in getting used to this position.


Improper form


rowing machine mistakes


Apart from your legs, some other parts of your body, especially your core and your arms are expected to be moving when you are rowing. To ensure you are rowing the proper way, bend your knees, straighten your back and ensure that your core is tight. It is also vital for your seat and the handle to be moving at the same speed.



You should ensure your row the right way if you want to get the most benefit out of your rowing. You can only get the full benefits of rowing when you are doing it the right way. Explained above are 4 wrong ways of rowing and how to avoid them. Let us know how you try to maintain the right rowing habits in our comment session.

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