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Spartan Race


Spartan Race Obstacles Discount Code Do you desire to run? Get one…. You have landed  at the perfect website! We are giving away a discount to those who wish to enroll in the Spartan race. Before you get this code, here is a brief overview of what you need to do before entering and what to expect from a race.


 Training for Spartan Race

spartan race training training for spartan race

Being in-shape is a must if you plan on enduring a Spartan race. With all the climbing, running and crawling you will have to do, it is important that you prepare your body for that. Incorporate these eight exercises into your workout routine to be “Spartan ready.”

  • Pull-ups

Imagine having to pull yourself out of knee-deep mud in order to climb up to the next obstacle. Or having to climb up and over a wall to go to the next obstacles. Pull-ups is the best exercise to train for those particular situations. This exercise fully engages the back and bicep muscles due to pulling your own bodyweight. Pull-ups are probably the most important exercise to do as you prepare for a Spartan race.

  • Pushups

The best bodyweight exercise (in my opinion) is pushups. You know why? Because they are effective regardless of physical endeavor you are striving for. In the case of mud racing, pushups will help improve upper body strength and overall endurance. While most people wouldn’t make that correlation between pushups and mud racing, it is a match made in heaven. Think about it. Who do you think will climb walls quicker…someone with the ability of doing 50 pushups or 10 pushups? I rest my case.

  • Squats

While pushups are the best bodyweight exercise, squats are the most fundamental exercise for events such as Tough Mudders and Spartan races. How can you get through these challenging mud races without strong, durable legs? You can’t! By doing squats, you will build strength and endurance in your all major lower-body muscles (glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves). Last time I checked, all of those muscle groups will be greatly needed as you embark on a Spartan race.

  • Sprints

Quick question. How can you get better at racing without running? You can’t! To improve in any endeavor, you have to actually practice doing that endeavor. Sprints will greatly aid your ability to compete in a Spartan race. Sprints will help improve endurance levels as well as help burn body fat that would weigh you down come race day. Also, sprints help build strong legs as well. So whether you’re on an Olympic track or on a treadmill, sprints can be performed.



  • One-Arm Dumbbell Rows

In case pull-ups are too difficult, then one-arm dumbbell rows should be a part of your exercise arsenal. One-arm dumbbell rows will not only help build a strong back and biceps, it will balance the strength within your back. Due to all the crawling, climbing and pulling that you will likely do at a Spartan race, a strong back is essential to succeed.

  • Burpees

Need an effective total-body exercise improve endurance in a fast manner? Well burpees should be your exercise of choice. This exercise was popularized when the United States Armed Services adopted it as a way to assess the fitness level of recruits when the US entered WWII. Burpees combine squats and pushups to deliver a heart-pounding, muscle-building movement that will leave you gasping for breath! Burpees will have you mud-race ready!

  • Run up a hill

One of the best ways to get mud race ready is to do runs up a hill. Most obstacle courses will have a hill where you have to go up. If not prepared, your calves will hate you with a passion. J Not on your calves, but your entire lower body will be worked fully from doing a couple intervals of hill runs. If you’re out of shape, start out walking up the hill.

  1. Bear Craws

Walking like a bear will get you mud-race prepared! Bear craws is an excellent exercise that will build overall musculature (especially in your shoulders, stomach and legs) while improving endurance levels. There may be Spartan obstacle courses where you have to climb under barbed wire. Again, bear crawls will have you prepared for that!


Spartan Race Obstacles: Different Types of  Courses

If you plan on earning a Spartan race medal, know what you’re up against. Regardless if you’re running the Spartan death race or another type of race, you will likely encounter these intense obstacle courses:

  • Carrying an atlas stone for a specific stone
  • Crawling under barbed wire
  • Jumping over fire
  • Jumping over a wall
  • Dragging a tire
  • Rope climbing
  • Throwing a spear

These courses aren’t for casual gymgoers. Being in phenomenal shape is the only way you will cross that finish line and earn a Spartan race medal.

 Your Spartan Race Discount Code

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